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Admire Art Nouveau Design from America, Britain, & Europe
Winslow Homer painting
Nourish your soul as you admire the swirls and curves of Art Nouveau! This design era was from about 1890 - 1910. Furniture, wallpaper, silver, glass, jewelry, and more were inspired by nature -- flowers, insects, clouds, and trees.  Take a relaxing yet enriching art history meander, via Zoom, to look at Art Nouveau designs from America, Britain, and Europe. The session incorporates a few relaxing activities that build mental wellness, increase a sense of wellbeing, and calm the nervous system. Susan Ward, the instructor, has an MA in museum studies and European decorative arts. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 7 - 8pm EDT USA


Pitcher by Tiffany
Susan Ward, LCMHC

Mental Wellness Advocate>

Susan Ward, LCMHC

Susan Ward is a psychotherapist with a background in museums. She has an MA in museum studies & an MS in mental health counseling. She did her internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At one time, she was curator of Biltmore House, the largest historic house in America. 

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