• Might there be a connection between less and less art in the schools and an increase in mental health issues?

  • Might there be a connection between fewer people developing hobbies and an increase in mental health issues?

  • Might there be a connection between more and more digital art and activities rather than seeing and creating first-person art, and an increase in mental health issues?

Create Bad Art!

Smile and create bad art while looking at good art! Rediscover your inner child artists! A sense of accomplishment comes from trying new things, not necessarily being good at them!

Macintosh designs
Design by Macintosh (NEW CLASS DATE SOON)

Admire textiles, wallpaper, furniture & more designed by Scottish artist Charles Rennie Macintosh. Be curious & build your mental wellness! One hour long.


Macintosh (1868-1928) is hard to categorize. He was one of the founders of the Glasgow School, is described as part of the Art Nouveau era, but some of his work looks ahead to Art Deco. While he was mainly an architect and designer, in his later years he painted beautiful floral watercolors. Escape into the art of Macintosh and be curious about an innovative designer!

Textile pattern
Patterns in Art (NEW CLASS DATE SOON)

Examine architecture, wallpaper, textiles, & furniture for identifiable & surprising patterns. Look with new eyes & feel a sense of accomplishment!

Patterns in art are often inspired by nature whether it's the dramatic stone wall of an ancient building, flowers woven into carpets and tapestries, alternating jewels in a necklace or tiara, or repeating patterns on the pages of illuminated manuscripts from the Gothic era. Look carefully at patterns in art and consider patterns inside your home and in nature when you take this course.

CFA Voysey clock

Meander into the architecture, furniture, and textiles by British designer, Charles Francis Annesley Voysey. Lifelong learning enhances emotional resilience.

Voysey (1867-1941) was an English architect and designer. He began by designing wallpaper and fabric and later created several country homes. His art was inspired by Gothic design and often has a touch of whimsy. He often used muted tones, and a mix of materials such as wood and brass and copper. Be inspired as you admire the work of Voysey!

Portrait by Renoir

Contemplate paintings, tapestries, & textiles for emotions, ambiance, & impressions. Improve your emotional I.Q. while admiring art!

Emotional awareness in ourselves and others helps us navigate life. Wander into various types of art as you consider feelings, facial expressions, body language, and more. What was the artist trying to convey? What moods do the art and objects bring up in you? A fun and interesting way to build your emotional knowledge as you engage in looking at art.

Millefleurs tapestry
Millefleurs Tapestries (NEW CLASS DATE SOON)

These textile wonders took years to weave. Learn about the flowers, stories, & symbols. Be in awe as you learn & move past your daily stressors. 

Medieval tapestries covered the walls in churches and castles. They were decorative, told stories, and warmed the space. The millefleurs (1000 flowers) tapestries are especially beautiful! The pattern of flowers on the background is graceful and symbolic, with each flower having a meaning. Be curious about the stories and symbols as you relax into magnificent millefleurs tapestries!

fireworks spark.jpg
Find Your Spark! (Sept. 11, 4pm EDT USA)

Looking to find your hidden talent? Wishing you were a bit more creative? Wondering what it would be like to have an arty hobby?

Test the waters with 10 fast and snappy arty projects, all crammed into one hour! This is not designed for artists but rather people who like the idea of being a bit more art-minded but need a nudge to find the spark. You'll need your phone/camera, a notebook/paper, pen or pencil, and markers, colored pencils, or crayons. This will be a bit silly and hopefully inspiring! 

Art Nouveau & Nature (Sept. 22, 7pm EDT USA)

Examine the swirls and curves of Art Nouveau.  Art Nouveau only lasted about 10 years but what splendid results! Look at wallpaper, textiles, silver, and more. Let go of stress as you learn!

Today, you can find Art Nouveau inspired designs in all kinds of things, especially interior design. Its longevity is due to its beauty and connection to nature. Art Nouveau designers and artists looked to flowers, dragonflies, clouds, and more in nature for inspiration. Enjoy this beautiful meander into Art Nouveau design!

Paul Revere Silver (Sept. 16, 7pm EDT USA)

Paul Revere did more than take a midnight ride! He was a talented silversmith. And he was successful in marketing his wares. Feel a sense of awe as you move past your daily anxieties.

Paul Revere's craftsmanship as a silversmith was and is acclaimed! He did good work! He designed silver vases, silver baskets, silver pitchers, silverware, and more. He worked in the neoclassical style of his time, just as America was coming into its own, looking to Greek and Roman inspiration for how to found our country. You'll be surprised and intrigued!

Do You Miss Museums!    CLASS IS FULL!

Meander into the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of fine & decorative arts. Whether you've ever visited the MMA or not, this will be fun! Oo and ah and feel refreshed!

The pandemic means we're staying home more, traveling less, and not visiting museums, or at least, not as much as we'd like to. This class will focus on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. You'll glimpse the huge entry hall, the grand staircase, and look at a selection of the paintings, furniture, stained glass, and more that fill this major museum. 

The Best of You! (NEW CLASS DATE SOON)

If the best of you was a beautiful container, what would you look like? Simple & sophisticated? Decorative  & detailed? What would it be filled with? Connect beautiful art with a positive you!

All of us, in varying ways, are trying to be better, stronger, kinder, happier, more creative, less critical, more involved, or something that will help us feel fulfilled in life. This course will emphasize positive traits and strengths, and help you think of traits you haven't used for a while. Using a container as a metaphor for the best of you, you'll finish the class feeling enthused & invigorated!

Gazing Out to Sea
Strategies for Calm (Sept. 24, 7pm EDT USA)

Learn seven quick & easy strategies for calming yourself from stress and anxiety. Do this while admiring & reveling in relaxing art. Leave with new self-calming tools and a sense of peace.

These days, it's easy to be stressed and anxious. Learn 7 quick and practical strategies to calm youself in any situation. Add these to your tool bag of self-care and self-compassion. At the same time, you'll look at calming, relaxing art. At the end of the hour, you'll feel refreshed and knowledgable and you'll have new tools to start using instantly!

Decorative Arts (NEW CLASS DATE SOON)

Enjoy European furniture, silver, glass, and ceramics. Find out about styles & techniques & the craftsmen who made them. Learning new things builds a sense of self.

Decorative arts is not paintings, architecture, or sculpture, but rather, everything else! Sophisticated silver. Fine furniture. Creative ceramics. Glorious glass. Examine and be awed by the process to make these decorative arts, as well as a bit about some of the craftspeople who made them. This class will focus on European decorative arts. Learn and grow and build your mental wellness!