Online Classes: Art + Mental Wellness

Mini mental wellness + art appreciation classes to nourish your soul & foster mental wellness
Via Zoom, one-hour long. Bring your curiosity & an interest in learning! This is not therapy, but it may be therapeutic!
Decorative arts

Art Nouveau

Tiffany pitcher, Art Nouveau style

Examine the swirls and curves of Art Nouveau.  Art Nouveau only lasted about 10 years but what splendid results! Look at wallpaper, textiles, silver, and more. Let go of stress as you learn!

CFA Voysey

CFA Voysey clock

Meander into the architecture, furniture, & textiles by British designer, C.F.A. Voysey. Voysey was creative & very talented. Lifelong learning enhances emotional resilience.

Paul Revere Silver

Paul Revere silver pitcher

Paul Revere did more than take a midnight ride! He was a talented silversmith, and successful in marketing his wares. Feel a sense of awe as you move past your daily anxieties.

Do You Miss Museums!

Facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Meander into the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of fine & decorative arts. Whether you've ever visited the MMA or not, this will be fun! Oo and ah and feel refreshed!

The Best of You!

Decanter by Charles Ashbee

If the best of you was a beautiful container, what would you look like? Simple & sophisticated? Decorative  & detailed? What would it be filled with? Connect  art with a positive you!

Moods in Art

Painting by Renoir

Contemplate paintings, tapestries, & textiles for emotions, ambiance, & impressions. Self-care & relationship skills improve when our emotional I.Q. improves. Learn while admiring art!

Millefleurs Tapestries

Gothic millefleurs tapestry

These textile wonders took years to weave. Learn about the flowers, stories, & symbols. These medieval tapestries hung in castles & churches. Be in awe as you learn & move past your stresses. 

Strategies for Calm

Gazing Out to Sea

Learn seven quick & easy strategies for calming yourself from stress and anxiety. Do this while admiring & reveling in relaxing art. Leave with new self-calming tools and a sense of peace.

Patterns in Art

Historic carpet

Examine architecture, wallpaper, textiles, & furniture for identifiable & surprising patterns. Connect historic patterns to your life today. Look with new eyes & feel a sense of accomplishment!

Decorative Arts

French commode

Enjoy European furniture, silver, glass, and ceramics. Find out about styles & techniques & the craftsmen who made them. Learning new things builds a sense of self.

Find Your Spark!

Spark of creativity

Looking to find your hidden talent? Wishing you were a bit more creative?  Test the waters with 10 fast & snappy arty projects, all crammed into one hour! Creativity builds mental wellness!


Drawing by Charles Rennie Macintosh

Admire textiles, wallpaper, furniture & more designed by Scottish artist Charles Rennie Macintosh. He was very creative! Be curious & build your mental wellness!