What is Mental Wellness?

The term "mental wellness" was first used in 2001 by Dr. Jane Myers. It includes the ability to reduce stress, be curious, feel joy, and be grateful. It’s finding opportunities for creativity and having a hobby. It’s knowledge about emotions within oneself and others. It’s figuring out how to have a balanced life, even in a life filled with hurry and stress and anxiety. 

Mental wellness is improved through experiences, practices,  and knowledge that reduces anxiety, increase peacefulness, and improve connections between different parts of the brain. 

How will you increase...

  • Curiosity?

  • Awe & wonder?

  • Calm & peacefulness?

  • Inspiration?

  • Self care?

  • Imagination?

  • Social connections?

  • Creativity?

  • Emotional IQ?

  • Life balance?

  • Learning?

  • Resilience?

  • Gratitude?

  • Adaptability?

  • Reflection

  • Attachment & connection?

At Art for Mental Wellness, there is a distinction between mental wellness and mental health issues. Here, the focus is on creating, strengthening, and building mental wellness --- the positive aspects of one's emotional well-being, along with building emotional resiliency. Mental health issues, which is not the focus here, tends to look at the neurological and psychological challenges one struggles with in regards to mental health.